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I am a passionate consultant who believes in the growth potential of your business. I understand the scarcity of space within digital channels, and what it takes to be seen. I live and breathe social media which is evidenced in managing over 50 accounts since the beginning of my journey. I play an active role in communities through my commitment to networking groups and sponsoring local organisations. Adamas prides itself on providing an honest approach to driving traffic to your channels, fostering long term brand loyalty, and nurturing the direction of your business.

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I sold my first company whilst in my last year of high school in New Zealand. I then studied at the world renowned business school Waikato University before embarking on a career in teaching business that enabled me to see the world. After returning, I wanted to find a way to turn my passion for business and teaching into a transcending experience. Adamas was born. As CEO, I’ve been responsible for building the brand daily, and delivering exceptional quality to my clients. You’ll often find me hustling on LinkedIn, creating advertising campaigns through Facebook Business Manager, thinking of new monetisation ideas, and finding efficiencies across my portfolio. I’m an all-round entrepreneur, love playing social football with the Waldorf Salads, relaxing with my friends, and seeing his close-knit Polish family in Hamilton. I’ll often be described as a vocal, supportive, and enthusiastic citizen, striving for a new golden age.