FAQ 2018-03-13T00:45:51+00:00
What’s included in your social media package? 2019-09-28T00:12:03+00:00
  • One post on Facebook and/or Instagram or LinkedIn per day.
  • Two consultations per month of one hour in length (more or less depending on your needs).
  • Regular ideas to promote further growth and monetisation options.
  • Ongoing support (email, phone, SMS, and Facebook messenger).
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs (online and offline).
  • 100 LinkedIn connects for a designated LinkedIn account per day.
  • 20 LinkedIn sales script messages sent to new accounts per day.
  • Tomek’s sixth sense – a deep and powerful insight into your business operations to unearth opportunities that can be leveraged.
How many clients do you have? 2018-07-21T03:11:45+00:00

We have a large number of clients, and have so far served over 50 accounts since August 2016.

Do you build websites and create Google Ads? 2018-07-21T03:13:09+00:00

Yes we love building websites (usually at a fixed cost of $1,795) and creating Google Ads (usually a one off $200 setup fee)! We can also optimise your website. This includes making changes to make it more engaging for new and existing people that visit it. I recommend to update your website at least once a week.

How much does it cost? 2018-07-21T03:15:55+00:00

Our prices are as follows:

  • $19 per day for our main social media package, which also includes two consultations per month. $570 per month.
  • $147 an hour for individual consultations.
  • $1, 795 for a new website.
  • $147 an hour for website optimisation.
  • $147 an hour for MailChimp newsletters (if more than one newsletter a month).
  • $147 an hour for email marketing automation.
  • $197 for SMS marketing setup fee.
  • $197 for Google Adwords setup fee.
Should I be on LinkedIn? 2018-03-13T00:56:06+00:00

Yes! A lot of business transactions take place over LinkedIn. With an open networking mindset, and a well crafted sales script, you’ll be surprised at the results.

How often are consultations, and for how long? 2018-07-21T03:17:35+00:00

Included in our social media package is a fortnightly consultation. Some entrepreneurs wish to only meet once a month, or more frequently, which we are happy to accommodate. In the early stages of the client relationship, its important to build trust, and understanding of the nature of your business to provide maximum value.

How many posts do you make per day, and where? 2018-07-21T03:18:01+00:00

Depending on your circumstances, we generally post at least one post per day on Facebook and / or Instagram and LinkedIn.

Where do you make Facebook and Instagram ads? 2018-07-21T03:18:40+00:00

We use Facebook Business Manager – www.business.facebook.com. When you sign up to Adamas, we’ll create an advertising account for you, and create ads according to your advertising budget and sales objectives (we can help create these if you are unsure). These ads are shown in many places on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ve probably seen a lot of them on your own personal account!

How much should I spend on advertising? 2019-09-28T00:12:16+00:00

This depends on your risk appetite as an entrepreneur. I usually recommend a base level of $50 per week to ensure your ads are visible to a healthy portion of your market, but the more you spend the more visible you become. Another strategy we recommend is to commit to a fixed advertising budget per week, and for every sale that originates from an ad, a certain percentage gets reinvested into the advertisement (commonly between 5 – 10%). This is commonly referred to as “scaling” ads.