How We Grew Smokys Manurewa to Almost 20,000 Facebook Likes and 800+ Facebook Reviews

How We Grew Smokys Manurewa to Almost 20,000 Likes and 800+ Reviews

I started Adamas Business Consulting in April 2016. I hustled relatively hard for 6 months and through that time ended up changing the business name to Adamas – Digital Growth. Too many business coaches, and my inexperience in consulting, and not enough social media coaches / doers. Thankfully I was quick to find that out, and could slot the business nicely into this common marketplace known as social media.

I guess we were lucky that Facebook became so popular, and not everyone had the luxury of time or knowledge on how to leverage it. When you’re trying to run all facets of a business, time is one thing that alludes us. Facebook requires a lot of time. A lot of tweaks to your posting style, ad campaigns, risk appetite, and perception of Facebook itself.

During our three years we’ve served well over 100 entrepreneurs, endured countless highs and lows, won a lot of contracts, lost some, and are now at the position where we are seeing the fruits of a long term branding strategy within the company, as well as experience gained from embedding ourselves deeply into our clients social media campaigns, psychologies, and business practices.

One brand I like to mention a lot on my own channels is Smokys Manurewa. They have close to 20,000 Facebook likes, and 900 reviews. They’re located in the heart of South Auckland and have a distinct point of difference – the quality of their burgers. Quality is hard to copy or improve dramatically. We all have a fixed level of output depending on our inputs, and they usually come out the same depending on adjustments to the inputs (which rarely happen when you reach 100% input capacity).

Smokys started with us almost 3 years ago. One of the owners, James was an old University friend. I came into the business at a point where they were building local loyalty but needed to take sales to the next level. This is how we did it:

1) Set clear daily sales targets. It helped build the marketing strategy. Example, on Mondays aiming for $2,500, so let’s spend $X and execute Y strategy.

2) Reflect on targets daily. Helped understand what went well, what didn’t, and adapt the strategy for the next day.

3) Regular giveaways. We gave away $20 – $100 worth of food every week. People love winning free stuff. It’s a good opportunity to get a photo and video of the winner to make your Facebook page feel humanistic (what we believe to be the goal of any marketing campaign). This is one of the easiest ways to get “reach” too (eyeballs on your Facebook posts and page).

4) Joined and posted into all local Facebook Buy and Sell Groups everyday. James gave us his username and password for Facebook and we joined all the buy and sell groups we could. Some of these groups have 100,000 members. We posted 42 high quality photos of the burgers, customers, and inside of the burger joint to let everyone know about the ins and outs of the business.

5) We sent out two – three Facebook bot messages every week, setup an automated message each time someone left a comment that thanks them and encourages them to write a review. When people engage with your Facebook page, they get added to your bot. This bot then allows you to send out a broadcast message to all your bot subscribers (the message pops up in Facebook Messenger).

6) We formed a Facebook VIP Group and asked everyone to join it. We post inside the VIP regularly, offer members unique specials, and give them a safe and fun place to post about their Smokys experiences.

7) We created a Facebook group chat with the owners. This allowed for efficient and effective communication. Daily sales are reported here, problems are discussed, and its a great way to motivate them.

8) We direct message potential customers on Instagram. We have our staff takeover the Instagram page, search for customers in Manurewa, and the greater Auckland region, and send concise humanistic sales scripts. This results in customers being thankful for a brand reaching out to them and offering an awesome experience. We feed these users back into the Smokys Facebook page so they can feel the enormity of the goodwill of their brand.

9) We add 100 connections per day to James’s LinkedIn profile, and send 20 sales scripts to potential clients. This raises Smokys professionalism in one of the world’s fastest growing social networks. There is typically a higher average spend per customer on LinkedIn too. A lot of professionals respect hustlers and business owners and would do what they can to support local entrepreneurs. Just like Instagram, we encourage these users to come to Smokys Facebook page where a lot of their content is absorbed.

10) We setup an organic content funnel. This involved asking the owner or available staff to send 5 or more photos per day, go Facebook Live 3 times a day (given the peak times people consume food), and send 5 to 15 second story videos (sometimes they’ll upload the stories directly). Whenever we had a content idea it would go through the funnel and get approved within 24 hours. For example, someone coming in to blog about Smokys, and how that content would play out.

9) Having a structured social media budget. Being a small business, advertising dollars are hard to come by. It took a bit of persistence (months), but we eventually agreed on a healthy advertising budget that the owners were willing to commit to. We then had the power to create powerful ads. Even spending $2.83 gets us a reach of 809 people, and post engagement of 139. One ad campaign type that we love right now is Facebook Post Engagement – > Page Likes. You can specifically target people to ‘Like’ your page. We always have a campaign like this running, as the more likes you have, the greater the positive market perception of your brand equity. This is the power of social media advertising.

10) Variety of content. Facebook pages can feel boring if the same type of content keeps appearing. We encourage variety, and one of the reasons we keep our clients is because we provide a plethora of content ideas to keep their social media fresh and vibrant.

11) Keeping focus on the goals. Often during the growth stages of a business there’s a lot of operational activity that takes place. Ideas are frequently lost, execution doesn’t always happen, and there’s over focus on sustained delivery of existing resources. We conduct non-negotiable reviews of goals, collaborate throughout the goal creation process, and adapt accordingly.

Through rigorous communication, and constant execution, the dream gets closer each day for the lads at Smokys. It’s an honour to serve them, and I can’t wait for their next growth powerplay. If this is the kind of Facebook, social media marketing, and business support that you’d like to take advantage of for just $19 a day, please message us, or visit

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you now have an insight into what it takes to grow a Facebook page.

Kind regards,

Tomek Pietkiewicz

CEO of Adamas – Digital Growth Limited

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