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For just $19 a day, you can begin your journey with Adamas. We create posts, ads, consult, and think of brilliant ideas to grow your business. We can also build and optimise websites and deploy Google Ads. Click here to apply, and we’ll setup a meeting.

  • One post or more per day on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • Social media advertising campaigns using Facebook Business Manager.

  • Business and digital growth strategies.

  • Website optimisation.

  • Google Ads setup and optimisation.

Digital advertising requires engaging wording, imagery, and videography to encapsulate your potential customers. As more businesses engage with the digital world, its more important than ever to ensure your ads are produced effectively, and are persuasive enough to obtain clicks.

Consultations allow us to understand your business, and the people behind it. Through regular contact with each other, we can detect the risk taking appetite of the entrepreneur(s), plant strategies in relation to the nature of the business, and gauge an honest account of the drivers to grow the business to your desired state.

We understand the ups and downs of business, and the struggle for ideas to grow. The business world is populated with competitors, millions of other businesses, and our daily lives outside of our respective enterprise(s). Our warm and kind nature has been proven to help clients, and we are only a Facebook, green tea, or phone call away for support.

Adamas was born out of the insights of Tomek’s own perspective of business. He’s confident in his understanding of entrepreneurship, and our collective company ideas when properly implemented, can produce significant results. We don’t just create an advert, or a post, and walk away…we get under the skin of everything that drives the business, and strive to provide its best possible position for growth.


We strive to have your brand in all relevant marketing channels. We use sophisticated advertising strategies and regular consultations to provide an ongoing understanding of your operations and market. We always provide an insurance for traffic sent to the website through heat mapping technology and Google Analytics that enables all users to be visually and quantitatively tracked.